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Treatments Included: 45-60

Recommended For: Those ages 16+. With good oral health. Minimal to no recession. Do not suffer from sensitivity. Are not pregnant or nursing.

Kit Includes:

2 x 2ml ADVANCED/PEARL  Hybrid Custom Gel pens

1 x cheek retractor

1 x all-natural peppermint chapstick

1 x personal Re-chargable LED light  PRO SERIES

Details: HP - ( High Performance) Advanced Peroxide System is gentle yet effective on stubborn stain removal. Due to the low acidity rate, we recommend our Advanced system for most enamel types. PEARL (PEROXIDE FREE)- Ages 14+ if you have sensitivity issues, leading an all natural lifestyle, pregnant, breastfeeding. Not recommended for those who have blonde/strawberry hair tones, or have strong enamel.

Results Expected: Enjoy noticeable results after 2-4 treatments. Our recommendation is to use 3-4 times per week for 1 month, then treat as an upkeep basis 1-2 times per week.

Shade Difference: Up to 14 shades brighter.

Special Instructions: Place opened gel pens into the fridge after treatment. Laying as flat as possible while completing the treatment will keep saliva away. Saliva acts as a barrier between the enamel and gel and can wash away the serums before they take effect.

Expiry: 1 year after the pen is opened.

Available in Canada & USA 

Not Available in Europe.